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Air conditioner saviour, Chun Hing is your best choice!

With our rich experiences gained in the past decade, we are registered minor works contractors and government registered electrical contractor offer instant air-conditioning services. We have our own fleet of trucks to provide excellent service. Our thousand sq. ft. factory offers comprehensive repair services include air-conditioner cleaning, maintenance, installation for window type, wall hanging type, ceiling type. We are the agent of popular air-conditioner, we buy and sell 2nd hand air-conditioners too. Professional checking service.

We are the dealer of General, Fuji & Gala, specializing in the sales of air-conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator & dehumidifier. We are also the dealer of Siemens water heater. Various kinds of air-conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator, TV set, dehumidifier, range hood & water heater from Daikin, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Midea, Whirlpool, Zanussi, German Pool & Sony, etc. Welcome for inquiries!

We strive to provide quality services at reasonable price. We also provide water & electrical repair service, design & engineering, electrical & water meter application, pest control, etc.

Our Service

Air-conditioner Cleaning

Coil water cleaning for window type air-conditioner

Anti-mold coil water cleaning for split type air-conditioner

Air-conditioner maintenance

De-odorization, Sterilization, Anti-mold, Rust-proof spraying

Air-conditioner repair

Refill refrigerant & change machine oil, Fan motor

Add lubricant, Repair fan, Motor stand

Water dripping from air-conditioner, Installation of water sink & pipe


Secondhand air-conditioner trading

Agent of famous brand air-conditioners

On-site air-conditioner checkup & quotation


Window type air-conditioner:Cold air blown out from left & right with easy-to-remove front cover for cleaning and installed on the window.

Window split type air-conditioner:Small, easy for cleaning & repair, can be installed on window sill and only applicable for water-out at the bottom.

Wall hanging split type air-conditioner:Installed on the wall and easy for cleaning & repair, only applicable for water-out at the bottom.

Ceiling split type air-conditioner:Cold air blown out from 4 directions, installed on the ceiling with water-out on top.

Lower ceiling split type air-conditioner:Small with wider vent and can be installed at the back

Air duct in the ceiling (split type air-conditioner):Invisible type air-conditioner, installed inside the ceiling.

Repair & Installation Services

Install, removal & transportation of air-conditioners (include window type, wall hanging type, ceiling type)

Regular checkup

Refrigerant refill

Water pipe extension

Copper pipe extension

Aluminum rack for outdoor air-conditioner

Drilling & invisible piping engineering work

Frequent Asked Questions

How to choose a suitable air-conditioner?

You should consider: The size of the room, The place, Domestic or commercial use, Frequent of usage

Points of concern when choosing air-conditioner: The limit of piping length, Energy Efficiency Ratings for air conditioners (the higher the EER rating, the more energy saving it is), Auto start function, Outdoor air conditioners have gone through the anti-corrosive treatment or not

Notes on air-conditioner installation: You should check the air-conditioner & water pipe position yourself, if not, it may lead to water dripping problem., If there is installation rack, technician should use expansion screws for installation., If there is no installation rack, you should install one first., Hot air problem of outdoor air-conditioner, Ventilation problem

Notes on the use of air-conditioner

Clean the air filter every 2 to 3 weeks

Check for obstacle or dust inside the vent regularly

Turn off the air-conditioner 30 mins before leaving the room for energy saving

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